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Lulu Mulalu is a recent graduate of Bennington College and holds a degree in Psychology and Drama. She is a performer, singer-songwriter, poet, storyteller, budding playwright, and an aspiring dog mom from the country of Botswana. Before moving to the United States for college she attended an international school in The Netherlands where she learned about courageous action, selfless leadership, and personal bravery. Her multidisciplinary work actively aims to explore the diverse ways in which human beings culturally give birth to, socially silence, and how we preserve their own authenticities in the stories we choose to share. Or not share. Her words and poems can be found in her recently established blog titled “Lessons To My Daughter”. In this space she aims to spread light, document important life lessons learned, unlearn negative behaviours, revolt, practice kindness, say her own name with grace, and muse over the absurdity of what we call adulthood.