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2016-17 Theater Season

Peter and the Starcatcher 2016Peter and the Starcatcher – October 2016
By Rick Elice
Music By Wayne Barker
Directed by David Andrew Snider
Cast: Christiana Roewer (Peter), Kyra Fitzgerald (Molly Aster), Erin Ouellette* (Black Stache), Jack Boggan (Bill Slank/Hawking Clam), Kristoffer Ross (Lord Aster), Catherine Seeley (Smee), Sarah Burke (Ted), Shawna Martinez (Prentiss), Katherine Danforth (Mrs. Bumbrake/Teacher), Daniel Salzer (Alf), Mara Bailey (Captain Scott), Michael Raffel (Grempkin/Fighting Prawn/Mack/Sanchez), and Leila Bruske (Ensemble)
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Othello – July 2016
Directed by Erin Ouellette
Cast: Ulisses Gonsalves (Othello), Catherine Seeley (Desdemona), Scott Renzoni (Iago), Kyra Fitzgerald (Emilia), Cheryl Gushee (Brabantio), Katherine Danforth (Cassio), Jack Boggan (Roderigo), Sebastian Durfee (The Duke), Rob Forgett (Lodovico), Adam Shulman (Montano), Delaney Hill (Bianca); Ensemble: Sarah Burke, Sebastian Durfee, Leah Jaffe, Sarah Joseph
Abby Maher, Christiana Roewer, and Audrey Roosevelt

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Hubbard Hall Opera Theater 2016

Madama Butterfly – August 2016
Directed by Nathan Troup
Conducted by Michael Sakir
Cio Cio San – Jaime Hartzell & Beibei Guan; Pinkerton – Jon Jurgens; Suzuki – Monica Soto-Gil; Sharpless – Seung-Hyeong Baek; Goro – Christopher Remkus; Yakuside/Prince Yamadori (Pinkerton cover) – Jungyong Kim; The Bonze – Charles Martin; The Commissioner – John T. Danley; The Registrar – Adam Shulman; Kate Pinkerton/cousin – Lauren Silberstein; Chorus and Family – Fairouz Foty, Kaarin Phelps, Maureen Cossey, Rose Hunsberger, Sarah Jane Fawcett, Virginia May Edinger

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La Pizza con Funghi – August 2016
Directed by Kirk Jackson
Musically Directed by Cory Battey
Voluptua – Fairouz Foty; Phobia – Kaarin Phelps; Count Formaggio – John T. Danley; Scorpio – Christopher Remkus

Conservatory Students: Fairouz Foty, Kaarin Phelps, John T. Danley, Christopher Remkus, and Lauren Silberstein



2015-16 Theater Season

The Crucible – April 16-May 8 2016crucible_04_14-51.2
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Jeannine Haas
Cast: Ron Komora* (Parris), Erin Ouellette* (Elizabeth), David Snider (Proctor), Catherine Seeley (Abigail), Digby Baker-Porazinski (Hale), Lia Russell-Self (Tituba and Danforth), Adam Shulman (Hathorne), Kristoffer Ross (Cheever), Rob Forgett (Thomas Putnam), Kyra Fitzgerald (Ann Putnam), David Borthwick (Francis Nurse), Deb Borthwick (Rebecca Nurse), Chris Barlow (Giles Corey), Abby Maher (Betty), Christiana Roewer (Mary Warren), Audrey Roosevelt (Mercy), Leila Bruske (Susanna), Delaney Hill (Village Girl), and Sarah Burke (Village Girl).
*Denotes member of Actors’ Equity.

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infiniteSecond Annual Winter Carnival of New Work – January 22-31 2016
17 Plays and 9 Directors!

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The Post Star on local playwright Virginia May Edinger
More on Winter Carnival from The Post Star
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Wayward Home – November 2015  clarawater
By Maizy Broderick Scarpa & Clara Strauch
Directed by David Andrew Snider & John Hadden
Cast: Maizy Broderick Scarpa, Clara Strauch, and Abigail Wahl

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The Year of Magical Thinking – October 2015 MT16-3558
Directed by Oz Scott
Cast: Wendy Ishii
A Bas Bleu Theatre Production
presented by Hubbard Hall

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Hubbard Hall Opera Theater 2015

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Rigoletto – August 2015
Directed by Kirk Jackson
Conducted by Maria Sensi Sellner
Rigoletto: Benjamin Bloomfield, Gilda: Meghan Picerno, Duke: Chris Lucier

Review by Chris Buchanan

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The Old Maid & the Thief – August 2015
Directed by Julia Mintzer
Musically Directed by Sara Chiesa
Conservatory students: Nicholas Yaquinto, Shaun Lee, Eric Eichelberger, Jessica Philpot, Stephanie Polonio, Hannah Miele, Erin Brittain

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2014-15 Theater Season

Love’s Labour’s Lost – July 2015 
Directed by David Snider
Cast: Peter Hayes, Digby Baker-Porazinski, Michael Raffel, Jack Boggan, Chris Barlow, Sebastian Durfee, Erin Ouellette, Christiana Roewer, Cate Seeley, Adam Shulman, Ginny Edinger, Audrey Roosevelt, Delaney Hill, Shawna Martinez, Kyra Fitzgerald, and Jennetta Lorman

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Glint Spear

An Iliad – April/May 2015
by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare
Directed by Sheila Siragusa
A co-production with Pauline Productions
Jeannine Haas

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HubbardHallTartuffe2015 (17)Tartuffe – February/March 2015
by Molière
Directed by John Hadden
Cast:  Peter Delocis, Tony Pallone, Jack Boggan, Aleda Bliss,
Delaney Smith, Digby Baker-Porazinski, Scott Renzoni, Doug Ryan, Kim Johnson Turner, Benjie White, Adam Shulman, and Audrey Roosevelt

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First Annual Winter Carnival of New Work – January 2015

Multiple Directors – 12 Plays in 12 Days!

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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
by William Finn & Rachel Sheinkin
Directed by David Andrew Snider
Cast: Chris Barlow, Sylvia Bloom, Digby Baker-Porazinski, Sara Curtis, Sebastian Durfee, Kyra Fitzgerald, Edward Mawere, Erin Ouellette, and Jeffrey Vizcaino

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