Hubbard Hall COVID-19 Safety Protocols as of 11/10/2021

We will be adhering to recommendations from NY State and the CDC, as well as guidelines released by NY State on June 24, 2020 on the management of indoor and outdoor arts and higher education activities. Any actions we take will be aligned with those recommendations and guidelines.  We will adhere to Best Practices whenever possible.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak in Washington County, our board of directors has voted to require either Proof of a Covid-19 Vaccination (with either your physical vaccination card or a clear photo of it on your phone) OR a negative test result from within the previous 24 hours to attend our performances. Masks will be required as well.

Mask Wearing

Per the CDC updated guidelines and because we host dozens of unvaccinated children on our campus every day, visitors and students are required to wear masks while in our buildings. Visitors can be outdoors on our campus without masks if vaccinated and at least six feet apart.  Audiences for more crowded events outdoors are recommended but not required to remain masked.

  • Anyone indoors on our campus must remain masked, in audiences and classes.
  • Students of all ages will be required to wear masks throughout programs as well as anyone accompanying students into Hubbard Hall buildings.
  • Hubbard Hall will provide disposable masks to students who do not bring them.
  • Because they will be speaking publicly throughout class to unvaccinated students, instructors must wear masks during class, before and after, and keeping at least six feet of physical distance at all times.
  • If, during dance or movement classes, students need a break from their masks, they should either step outside the building to remove them and take a break or face an open door or window, away from others, to remove their masks and take a brief break to breathe free of the mask.

Check Ins and Check Outs

  • For any programs or classes involving students 18 or younger, we will require parents, guardians or authorized chaperones to check them in and out each day in person.
  • We will require the person dropping off the student to check in with our staff each day and answer our COVID-19 safety checklist.
  • Participants and their guardians (if under age) will be asked to wait in a line at a distance of 6 feet from others.
  • Once checked in, students may enter the space.
  • In addition to any questions or concerns, the staff will ensure that the student has taken home, cleaned, and brought their mask.
  • All students will be required to have their temperatures taken before classes each day.
  • Staffers and faculty will be required to take a health assessment before reporting to work each day and to check in with management about how they are feeling and how the program is working with physical distancing.

Class Sizes

  • We will limit participation in all of our classes, programs, and performances, including:
    • No more than twelve students in each indoor program, with social distancing of at least six feet at all times, hand washing and mask wearing throughout the program.
    • No more than 60 audience members present at any inside performances or events, with proper social distancing of at least six feet between parties (with family, spouses or other quarantined groups able to sit more closely).
    • No more than 100 audience members present at any outdoor performances or events, with proper social distancing of at least six feet between parties (with family, spouses or other quarantined groups able to sit more closely). The audience members will be asked to wear masks or other appropriate face covering.

Outdoor Classes and Ventilation

  • Gyrokinesis will be held outdoors on the great lawn in the shade, weather permitting, If the weather is poor, class will be canceled. Rain dates will be scheduled as needed.
  • Drama Club programs will be limited to twelve students maximum in Hubbard Hall, to allow for social distancing and air circulation.
  • Any classes held inside will have windows and doors open as much as possible, with fans running to increase ventilation and follow CDC recommendations for increased ventilation in indoor spaces, even if AC is on.
  • Whenever possible, doors in the Hall will be kept open to allow for increased ventilation.

Hand Washing

  • We will schedule regular hand washing during programs and classes, with adult learners and students ages 13-18 required to wash hands before and after classes and children ages 5-12 required to wash hands periodically throughout the program.

Physical Contact

  • Instructors will avoid any and all physical contact with students except in cases of emergency.
  • Students will be required to keep six feet of distance from each other, except when specific dance moves or staging requires them to briefly get closer to each other. These moments will be carefully staged and discussed with students ahead of time, masks will be used throughout, and hand sanitizer used before and after.
  • If hand contact is required for dancing or staging, students will use hand sanitizer immediately before and after contact.
  • Staging of scenes and songs and the playing of games will be adapted to allow for six feet of social distancing.


  • Audiences will be required to pre-register for performances and show proof of vaccination or a negative test prior to entry.
  • Seating will be reserved, with the registered person’s name on the reserved section for each party.
  • Social distancing of 6’ will be enforced.
  • A maximum of 60 audience members will be allowed in Hubbard Hall for any indoor performance.
  • A space of 8’ will exist between the front row of audience and the performers.
  • Masks will be worn by audiences the entire time inside a Hubbard Hall building.

Hubbard Hall will provide disposable masks when needed.

  • Vaccinated artists may perform without a mask but will remain masked when seated in the Hall.
  • Participating artists will be required to take a daily health self-assessment to confirm their health prior to rehearsals or performances.
  • Any outdoor performances will be limited to 100 people, with social distancing and mask wearing required and distances of six feet between parties clearly marked on the ground as guidelines.
  • Audiences, house managers and staff will wear masks during performances.
  • Social distancing protocols will be enforced in the staging and/or choreography and between the performers and the audience.
  • Masks will be worn while singing or playing instruments if musicians are not vaccinated and there will be no wind or oral instruments.
  • Single costumes will be used for performers to limit costume changes and materials.
  • Limited use of set pieces or props.
  • Social distancing protocols will be enforced in the technical booth at the Stage Manager’s calling desk.
  • Hubbard Hall staff are responsible for any additional duties regarding COVID-19 policies and procedures.

If for any reason a student becomes ill during the semester, either with COVID-19 or similar symptoms, we will ask that that participant’s family alert us so we can alert other students and families. The identity of the student will be kept strictly confidential.