Residencies for 2024 are booked. You are welcome to inquire about our program and for dates in 2025. Also check out our Sandbox Initiative.

Focusing on the development of new and devised work, this residency series invites artists to develop new work in beautiful, quiet and artistically rich surroundings far from the noise and pressure of the city, and then to share portions of that work with local audiences via a final showcase sharing a reading, workshop performance or simply demonstration depending on the project and artistic process.

This series also allows audiences to explore and learn about the development process and intends to support the development of local, regional and national artists and seeks to further develop our local talent pool through exposure to visiting artists.  Typical residencies include honoraria for all participating artists and housing.  Artists are responsible for their own travel costs.  Residencies can last anywhere from two-three days to two-three weeks and include a simple showcase of the work developed for the community, a workshop production of the work or even a full production.


Hubbard Hall is a thriving arts center dedicated to cultivating, sustaining and promoting the cultural life of our rural community in Washington County, NY and throughout the Capital Region. We gather people from all walks of life to create, learn, and grow together, while developing, producing, and presenting world-class art and artists. We are an arts incubator, a training ground for artists of all ages and backgrounds, a magnet for artistic activity, a safe haven for risk-taking, an economic driver for our region, and the beating heart of our community.

PRODUCTIONS AND PRESENTATIONS:  Theater, Music, Opera, Dance, and the Visual Arts

Since 1878 Hubbard Hall has developed, produced, and presented theater, music, dance, and the visual arts, and in recent years has become a world-class development center for new work. Since 1977, Hubbard Hall’s current nonprofit has engaged thousands of artists, students, and audience members in acclaimed productions of theater, opera, music, and dance.


Hubbard Hall operates four buildings across our campus, including the original 1878 opera house and three recently renovated freight yard buildings containing dance, music and visual arts studios, offices, arts exhibit spaces, and a black box theater. In addition by  September 2024 Hubbard Hall will have artist housing on campus after the renovation of our Lovejoy building. We also own and operate the Cambridge Community Garden, a collaborative garden managed entirely by volunteers and engaging hundreds of students each year with opportunities to grow and harvest their own vegetables. Recognized as an arts institution in the state of New York, Hubbard Hall is a national model for community-based arts organizations.


The Village of Cambridge is an eclectic community filled with families, business people, artists, retired people and many others who have fallen in love with our small town atmosphere, located centrally with access to big cities and towns, and some of the best scenery in New York.  We are the home to a Main Street filled with a world-class arts center, a thriving independent bookstore, restaurants, diner, barbershop, hair salon(s), microbrewery housed in our old railroad station, Quebecois bread oven, public library, local grocery, famers’ market, artists’ co-op and food co-op, to name just a few amenities.


We are looking for exciting new work that has a sense of inquiry in form and process: works in progress, workshop productions, open rehearsals, etc.  This work may come from companies, ensembles or individual artists.


For many years The Freight Project operated as a residency series on the Hubbard Hall campus, resulting in dozens of successful projects, including the development of The Hunger Artist with Sinking Ship Productions (Drama Desk Nomination).  Other recent Hubbard Hall residencies have included a dance residency with the legendary Twyla Tharp, a theater residency with Tony Award winner Rupert Holmes, the development of a new production of I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright.  A theater residency with Ryan J. Haddad was awarded three Obie awards one for Best New American Play for Dark Disabled Stories.  An experimental opera Sorry John Henry the Song Has No End by Ian Askew and shorter-term residencies in puppetry, dance, movement, theater, music, opera and even radio.


  • Housing and Honoraria (typically $300 per artist per week, depending on project);
      • Hubbard Hall is currently renovating the Lovejoy building on our campus into artist housing and hope to open this space in September 2024. In the meantime we will make every attempt to provide housing within walking distance of the space.  In some cases housing may be provided within a 15-minute drive of the space, requiring transportation to be provided by either the artist or Hubbard Hall (to be determined per project).
    • Access to the Hubbard Hall main stage space, studio theater and/or dance studio (and other spaces as needed).
    • Limited technical support (basic lighting and sound as needed).
    • Basic set elements, including chairs, table and/or playing cubes.
    • Listing of your project on our website and social media outlets.
    • Box Office & Front of House support for showcase.
    • Guidance and support in helping to shepherd this project towards greater exposure and funding after residency.


  • All other expenses and elements not covered by Hubbard Hall including: casting, all physical production expenses (including any necessary costumes and props).
  • Transportation to and from Cambridge, NY.


1. Please provide us with a cover sheet about your work and proposed project, which should include the following:

  • Name of Project
  • Brief Description of Project (500 words or less), including number of artists required for residency and if those artists are identified and/or involved in project yet.
  • Project Budget (detailing project expenses covered by participant and what funds or level of honoraria is requested from Hubbard Hall
  • Company or Artist Name
  • Main Contact Person
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website (if it exists)
  • Mission (ditto – or explanation of artistic approach or aesthetic)
  • Company or Professional Work History
  • Productions of Note

2. In two-three pages, please answer the following questions:

  • What do you hope to gain from this residency?
  • What artistic challenges are you trying to face?
  • What questions will you ask in this process about your work?
  • How will your work change through this opportunity?
  • Would the project you’re proposing be able to be struck after every performance?
  • Would it be possible to present in Rep with another piece?
  • What technical support will you need for the project?
  • Is financing already secured for this project?  If not, how will you finance it?   Are you seeking additional support for this project from Hubbard Hall or elsewhere?

3. Please provide a copy of the script (if applicable), any available photos and a one-page artistic statement describing the project including:

  • Artistic Personnel
  • Development Process: please discuss in detail the development process that has already taken place, the projected involvement of the playwright or generative artist and a plan for future development. If your project is devised work, please describe your timeline and method of creation for the piece.
  • Design: please include a description of any design elements that you have under discussion, as well as anything else we need to know about your process/aesthetic approach that will impact production.
  • Which dates would work best for your project?


Please submit all proposals electronically (.PDF or .DOC format) to