As part of our mission to make the arts fully accessible to all members of our community, each public space in the Hubbard Hall campus is wheelchair accessible.

Hubbard Hall — The elevator is located at ground level in the passageway between Hubbard Hall and the red brick building on the corner. Please park in the reserved Handicap spots just behind the Hall for easiest access. This elevator gives access to the upstairs Main Stage performance space, as well as to La Placita Cantina on Level 1, and the wheelchair-accessible restrooms on Level B, Level 1 and 2.

Beacon Feed Studio — Ramps located at both the South Entrance and the center entrance allow access for people with mobility impairments to access all classroom and studio spaces in the Studio building, including the Dance Studio, the Visual Arts Studio, and the Board Room. Restrooms located at the center entrance are both wheelchair accessible.

Freight Depot — A ramp located at the main entrance allows access for people with mobility impairments to access to the Freight Depot Theater and Gallery space. Restrooms located in the entryway are both wheelchair accessible.

If you have questions or concerns about accessibility for any of our spaces or events, please call 518-677-2495 for assistance.